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Trullo Trattoria is the newest restaurant from Calgary's sub|urban Hospitality Group.  Formed by two chefs, Jason Armstrong and Eric Mah, sub|urban Hospitality Group believes in bringing elevated service and food to the outer communities of the city. Trullo Trattoria is a completely independent restaurant,  and the second eatery created by sub|urban Hospitality. After months of renovations, both in the kitchen and dining room, to make it completely independent, Trullo became a modern and reinvented neighborhood Italian destination. It is for this reason that sub|urban Hospitality Group sought out one of Calgary's most talented chefs for Trullo. 

Jason, formerly of Bistro 2210, partner of Langside Grocery in Winnipeg and partner of Purlieu Bistro, is an established chef with accolades and years of experience in the culinary, wine and cocktail scenes in Calgary and Winnipeg.

Eric's path, with a background in restaurants, hotels and resorts has given him recognition in culinary competitions, both locally as well as abroad.  Eric opened his first restaurant Purlieu Bistro in the spring of 2019, which has drawn accolades from The Calgary Herald, Globe and Mail, Avenue Magazine, Food Network Canada, and others.


Trullo's Chef, Chris Barton is a born and raised Calgarian. Though he now calls Calgary home, he has been working in kitchens around the world for 20 years. What began to him as a weekend and after-school job, quickly blossomed into his passion and career.

Chef Chris is a graduate of the Professional Culinary program at S.A.I.T, and he has also earned a Cuisine Française Diploma from ESCF Ferrandi in Paris, France.

It was in France that Chris truly discovered his passion for food, and many of the philosophies and techniques that he continues to use to this very day – the most important of those, is being that whatever ingredient he uses, it has to taste delicious and be thoughtfully prepared. Having run his own restaurant as well as having worked around the world in notable restaurants, Chef Chris brings a unique experience and profound knowledge to Trullo.

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